Monday, 21 August 2017

Excuse the excuses.

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You can judge the character of a man/woman by his response when he/she face the failure. You can not believe a man who makes excuses for his failure or held others responsible for that. The man who takes responsibility for his actions and takes lessons from his failures is always respected.

But why people make excuses? They make excuses because of their inability to conquer the situation and inability to do necessary work before the situation arise. First, they make excuses to themselves, because they don't want to leave their comfort zone. So, those excuses keep them from going after their goal. When the damage is done they make excuses to the world.

Whatever is stopping you chasing your goals, whatever is stopping you leaving your comfort-zone is an excuse. These excuse will have serious repercussion if we don't change. So, before things go out of hands, you need to change. remember-

YOUR LIFE DOES NOT GET BETTER BY CHANCE. IT GETS BETTER BY CHANGE.                                                                                                                                           -Someone in Ted Talk

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Sunday, 6 August 2017

Indian pre-workout diet.

These days most the guys who go to the gym are using lots of supplements. Sometimes excessive use of these supplements cause health problems.
Hence I would like to share a pre-workout recepie which is completely natural and tried and tested by a reputed Body Builder from India. He is Mr. Mukesh Gehlot. He has won several national and international titles in bodybuilding.
He shared his secret in one of his interview to someone.
In his early days in bodybuilding he use following diet before workout which kept him energetic during the workout and provided necessary nutrition.

The recipe is as follows...

       Few boiled potato
       One bowl of curd.

How to make..

Put the boiled potatoes in the curd, and then mix them together. You can add salt according to your taste. And eat it 15 to 20 minute before you start. Don't eat too much so that you feel heavy.

Well potatoes are full of carbohydrates, and curd is also full of nutrition. So enjoy this simple cheap and best pre workout recepie. Save money and improve health.

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Friday, 28 July 2017

Let them play?

Any sport is for enjoyment. That should not be taken as war. Sports should be played with the spirit of game and they should be enjoyed with the same spirit.
Players are not the warriors. They are the players who are trying their best to perform and win then game for their team and the nation. When you buy ticket or watch them play on TV, it doesn't mean they are your slave or you are their master. When you throw bad remarks on them look at your self. Have you always been a winner at every aspect of your life. Have you always been honest with your family or with the society. The answers in most of the cases will be "NO".
Then why so much madness when any team could not supercede the efforts of other team.
Just asking.
Please watch game. Enjoy the performance. Don't expect players to fight war for you. They are not loosing by choice. They all give their best. Sometime efforts of one team supercede the efforts of other team and sometime superseded by others. Its just a game. Don't loose calm. Enjoy.
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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Knowledge v/s Understanding

As my blog says "Reminding you something important". Hence I am not saying anything new. Everybody knows it. So my point is that if you are suffering because of a bad relationship why don't you apply your knowledge. Or should I say that why can't you apply your knowledge?
The reason is that it is your knowledge. You can not use it or apply it unless you understand it. You can only use what you understand. So you know something is one thing and you understand something is another. 
Everybody knows the formulas to a successful life but only a few lead a successful life. why??? Because they have understood what they know. hence if you are killing your life or relationship, knowing the very reason responsible for it.. just understand what you know and apply for you wonderful future.
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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Link Your PAN and Adhaar!

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Hey friends
Today I am posting something different from which I generally post and this is in INDIAN context. Well, it is about government instruction which is about linking our PAN and Adhaar number together. It is important to stop or reduce the tax evasion.
From 1st July it is mandatory to do so. You can link your PAN and Adhaar by visiting the following link. Click here

Or click/tap here for direct link.

After you click/tap on the above link, you will find a link on left menu as "Link Adhaar". You will also find the link as floating banner on the head of the page.

Non-compliance will lead to cancellation of your PAN number. Which will result in the cessation of you Bank account, and you will also not be able to make transactions where quotation of PAN is necessary.

So please don't delay. Link your PAN and Adhaar soon. And please share with your friends. 

Monday, 26 June 2017

Don't Downplay the Outdone!

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There are always two reactions for something greatly or amazingly done. First, we praise the doer and admire what has been achieved. This inspires us to do more and better. It also means that somewhere in our mind we are believing that it is possible for us or we can do that.
Second, we will consider that as not true, fake or some software trick. Sometimes we give credit to the luck of the doer or sometime we call it as fluke.
We need to be cautious about our second thought. Whenever we minimise and believe that something greatly done is fake or some trick, we fall for the trick of our mind. We can relax and inspire ourselves to stay in our comfort zone.
It also means that we have conceded our defeat subconsciously. We have decided in our mind that we can not do that or it is beyond our capabilities.
Therefore, abstain ourselves from thinking in negative way, unless there are most obvious reason to believe that.
Even if we believe something fake as true we would be giving our mind a challenge to do more or better. So, it is always good to be positive. We should not be economical in praising or admiring other people's achievements. After all, we all want the same for ourselves.
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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Excuse the excuses.

Image Credit: You can judge the character of a man/woman by his response when he/she face the failure. You can no...