Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Three people

There are three kinds of people.
One, who has nothing and will show off like the whole world works on their instructions. But believe me, nobody believes them. everybody know what are they. They also have the lowest self-esteem. 

Second, those who really are something and they don't mind bragging about what they have. And finally the third kind...

They will never tell anything to anybody, they will never brag about what they have and even the closest to them will never know their girth. They work silently and have no interest in people knowing what they are. I think this is the best kind. There is nothing in making unnecessary noise. 

Monday, 27 March 2017

There can't be a better than a life which is full of love and peace.

Most of the time hate or conflicts bring no good. Only love and peace can make your life worth living. But when you create conflicts out of nowhere it gives you something to your mind which loves to feed itself on negativity. It fills you with pride by looking someone with disgust. But this fulfillment is no good. It will make you hollow because it is breaking you up with someone.

Breaking is not good. Making is good it is the basic. While this breaking is weakening you, simultaneously your ego is bulking up. This will make your journey heavy. And if you keep breaking up with people because of unnecessary reasons, you are going to crash at some point.

Yes, sometimes you are on the other side. When someone is not doing anything good for his life, and because of the frustration he/she finding someone to blame and picks you. then you don't have much choice. But what can you do?

Either you can avoid him/her. Or try to make him/her understand in your way and what language he/she prefer. But always try to avoid these things happening in your life. Because "There can't be a better than a life which is full of love and peace."

Why we get hurt.

Whenever anyone say something about us, it affects us. If the thing is good we feel better and if it is bad, we get hurt. Most of the times...